Romé x 79 Moons Waist Bead
Romé x 79 Moons Waist Bead


Romé x 79 Moons Waist Bead

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Freshwater Pearl, Moonstone, and Rutilated Quartz WaistBead

Freshwater pearls in this waistband are light pink, and they symbolize purity, harmony, and sincerity.

Moonstone crystals with their milky color are a symbol of light and hope, they encourage one to embrace new beginnings.

Rutilated Quartz crystals have a golden hue, and they help with receiving divine guidance, insight, and inspiration.

Size Options
S - fits 25’ - 27’ waist
M - fits 28’- 30’ waist
L - fits 31’ - 33’ waist